Author Topic: Beat-Sonic Shark Fin Antennas for the 2013 Subaru BRZ models  (Read 5648 times)

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The Subaru BRZ antenna base is Larger than the antenna base equipped on the Scion FR-S as shown here:

Subaru BRZ antenna Base

Scion FR-S antenna Base

As such, the FDA43 shark fin antenna models will not be compatible to the Subaru BRZ, and only be compatible to the Scion FR-S.

So, what options are available for BRZ Owners?
The color code will not be an exact match, however the colors will be close enough for you to not tell the difference unless you look really hard to find that there is a difference when compared side by side.
Further, say that the color of the antenna is an exact match to the vehicle's color side by side from the same light angle. Since the antenna is shaped differently than the rest of the body lines of the vehicle, the angle that the light reflects on the antenna will make the color look a little different anyhow. I can show you what I mean to the locals who is free to stop by to compare the antenna color vs the vehicle's color.
The above two paragraphs applies to the following colors for the BRZ:

Ultramarine (Blue) - E8H
- Color Comparison, E8H(smaller) vs 8TS(larger):
- The FDA31-8TS is slightly lighter than FDA43-E8H. Both has the sparkle in the paint.

Firestorm (Red) - C7P
- Color Comparison, C7P(smaller) vs 3R3(larger):
- FDA31-3R3 is slightly lighter and has sparkle compared to FDA43-C7P.

Sterling Silver Metallic - D6S
- Color Comparison, D6S(smaller) vs 1F7(larger):
- FDA31-1F7 is slightly lighter. Both have sparkle.

Crystal Black Silica - D4S
- Color Comparison, D4S(smaller) vs 202(larger):
- FDA31-202 and FDA43-D4S Color looks exactly the same except FDA31-202 does not have sparkly like the FDA43-D4S.

Satin White Pearl - 37J
- Color Comparison, 37J(smaller) vs 070(larger):
- Additional Comparison pictures: Picture #2:
- FDA31-070 is slightly lighter. Both has sparkle.

Dark Grey Metallic - 61K
- Color Comparison, 61K(left side) vs 1G3(right side) vs 8V1 (middle)
- 61K vs Black (202)
- 61K vs Carbon Fiber
- 61K vs 1G3
- 61K vs 8V1
- Unfortunately, in our opinion the colors do not match closely enough to any of the other colors we have to be used as a replacement. The closest match is the 1G3. Or you may just go carbon fiber or black. If we can get enough interest in this color (20 people). We can custom order the color combination with the FDA31 Style Antenna. We currently have 3 BRZ participants interested in this color.

World Rally Blue Pearl - 42C
[/B]- Color Comparison, 42C(small) vs 8M6(large)
- 42C vs Carbon Fiber
- 42C vs Black -202
- Color will be available at the end of August 2012!

How the FDA31 Antenna Looks on the BRZ:

So, as of now, if the BRZ members decide to proceed, we will send out the similar colors in the FDA31 series antenna.