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  • Wireless mirroring for Android smartphones

    Latest Android smartphones such as the Samsung Note 5, Galaxy S7 and more are not MHL supported, as such it takes a wireless display adapter to mirror the image.


    Finding a reliable and user friendly wireless mirroring adapter was very difficult, but we finally found one.


    NETGEAR Push2TV / PTV3000











    1. Plug in the NETGEAR Push2TV to the RCA to HDMI converter box on either the IF-02EP or IF-04EP using the HDMI to HDMI adapter.
    2. Connect the included USB power cable to power up the NETGEAR Push2TV.



    1. Enter A/V mode on your factory screen.
    2. Make sure the WiFi on your phone or the tablet is activated.
    3. Activate the "Smart View", "Mirroring" or the similar A/V streaming feature on your device.
    4. Paring process will begin. (No password required, except for the Windows laptops)



    Video & Audio Outputs

    • Video : Up to 1080 high definition (Excellent video quality. Video quality may differ depending on the resolution on the screen or the internet speed, if the displayed image requires an internet connection)
    • Audio : Digital over HDMI (5.1 surround sound pass-through and stereo)





























    1. Only needs to be plugged in to one end.
    2. Fair price ($69 or less)
    3. Small design (L 1.96 x W 3.27 x 0.43 inch)
    4. Very little lag (The faster the processor and the internet speed on the phone/tablet, the less lag you will experience)
    5. Wireless!
    • 1












    1. It is not compatible with an iOS running devices and variety of devices without the Miracast, Wi-Fi Direct or the WiDi.
    2. Pairing is required each time. (You just need to activate the mirroring feature on the phone/tablet and let the Push2TV do the rest for you. Not too complicated!)

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