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  • Lexus Front Camera Selector

    New exciting Lexus front camera selector (CS5EP) will be released very soon and we wanted to provide you with the detail information in programming, operation and installation.


    99% of the CS5EP installation is plug and play.





























    The remaining 1% has to do with tapping the reverse wire to the designated pin (either the pin#56 for the navigation equipped model or the pin#17 for the non-navigation model) located on the 59-pin factory connector, using the included Posi-Tap.














    1. Front camera auto turn-on : Front camera image will automatically be displayed to assist in parking when the vehicle speed is driven less than 15km/h. You may either activate or deactivate this feature. When the auto turn-on is disabled, the front camera can only be turned on using the included selector button.










    2. Camera display timer : Sets the duration for the front and the backup camera to be displayed when the selector button is pressed. (Available timer duration are 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec / default setting, 20 sec and timer disabled)

    3. Backup camera PTV (Push to View) mode : Displays the backup camera image at any time without the need to select the reverse gear. Pressing the selector button will display the front camera. Pressing the selector button a second time will display the backup camera image.


    1. Default setting : Backup camera PTV enabled

    A: Front camera image is displayed automatically at low speed less than 15km/h (speed sensor wire must be connected). Image will automatically turn off after 15 seconds. Pressing the selector button each time will activate the front camera (15 sec), backup camera (15 sec) and Lexus display screen.

    B: Front camera is not displayed automatically at low speed. (speed sensor wire is not connected) Pressing the selector button each time will activate the front camera (15 sec), backup camera (15 sec) and Lexus display screen.

    2. Optional setting : Backup camera PTV disabled

    Pressing the selector button each time will cycle the camera selection as follow:

    • 1st Press : Lexus display screen to Front camera
    • 2nd Press : Front camera to Lexus display screen



  • Feeling old school?


    Introducing a Beat-Sonic Single DIN head unit












    Cassette deck + Micro SD (MP3) + 3.5mm Audio input + USB (MP3) + AM/FM = Awesome!



















    Easy installation




















    4 Channel x 40W Output










    Contents: Single DIN Head Unit, Screws (x4), Washers (x4), Power Cable (x1), Installation Instruction



























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