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  • SLX-140L specific installation and demonstration videos are now available

    Installing SLX-140L on a Lexus IS could be little bit challenging and we made a thorough video showing the installation. Please enjoy!

    Installation video YouTube_3




    Demonstration video Youtube_4

  • Exciting news for the Lexus IS owners

    Radio replacement kits for select 06-15 Lexus IS model are finally available for purchase. (Items will be shipped after 3/16/2016)




    SLX-140L & MVX-140L





    Just as all other Beat-Sonic products, the radio replacement kits for Lexus IS models are also a plug and play product, and the thorough instructions are available in both literature and video.

    1. Instruction in literature: SLX-140L, MVX-140L 
    2. Instruction in video: Part#1, Part#2
    3. Video: Demo


    We'd like to share a very important installation tips and this will save you hours.













    Before removing the factory bracket on the radio, please mark the position of the screws on both left and right side before unscrewing.

    If you fail to mark the screws before unscrewing, it will be extremely difficult to align the position of the aftermarket head unit during the assembling, and the fitment to the center fascia will be off. The only way to fix this issue is unscrewing all the screws again and try in various position until it fits, which could take hours.












    Please draw a circle around the fastener and make sure the fastener is positioned right in the center when you reassemble.













    Align the 2-DIN aftermarket head unit so that it is exactly centered with the respect to the center fascia. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the outside edge of the center fascia to the side of the 2-DIN aftermarket head unit. The distance on both sides must be exactly the same.
























    SLX-140L and MVX-140L are designed and made in Japan, this product represents our commitment to quality and excellence.


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